COVID-19 or Corona virus is spreading. Time to work at home!

Time to make money at home! With the fast impeding Coronavirus it has never became more important to work from home. This lets you earn an income without missing a beat. Post, ‘like’ or comment on your chosen pages for great financial rewards.Share the content for greater payments. The Corporate world needs your help inContinue reading “COVID-19 or Corona virus is spreading. Time to work at home!”

Diets Come & Go

All diets are created equal but some diets are more equal than others It is true that Diets come and go but some stay the course. The primary reason for this is that they work. Others become household words due to savvy marketing. Some become household words due to constant mention while some become popularContinue reading “Diets Come & Go”

Getting slim & trim

This is my very first post so forgive my shyness. Yes I am overweight. Thanks to the internet I can now ‘hide’ behind my laptop in total animosity. You don’t even know what gender I am. Basically, you only know what I tell you. Today may be your lucky day. I am who I sayContinue reading “Getting slim & trim”