A Great way to Make & Keep MONEY!

This may seem a bit off topic but I think it is so important and of such great news that it must be shared!

I have found a cost effective way of visiting and staying in faraway exotic places with very little out-of-pocket expenses and on top of all that … get paid for doing so!

Learn how here.

It do however come with it’s do and don’t or conditions. (these are ones I simply suggest but your employer is certain to have more).

#1. Always adhere to employers reasonable demands. (do so before making the commitment to start work). This shows your commitment to instruction, your willingness to obey and add a degree of trustworthiness to you and your efforts. This should go a long way in putting your prospective employer’s mind at ease.

2. Always be respectful of other’s property. For heaven sake, do not abuse.

3. Learn that no means NO! E.g: If you are told not to use an item, always see it as ‘off-limits’.

4. Check your ego at the door. Although the house keys or lock code has been turn over to you, remember that it is only temporary.

5. Always pay attention when you are being ‘briefed’ about the property. (security codes, does & don’ts etc). A notepad and pen to jot down points would be impressive.

6. Never, I mean never ‘cut off’ employer when he is speaking or making a point. Not only is it rude but can show a lack of attention to what is being said. In other words, always pay attention.

I am sure there are other points however finally:

5. Never seem too excited at the new work opportunity before you.

Remember, to your employer it is a job. To you it is a getaway vacation.

The link to learn more, see availability and join can be accesses by clicking this.

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