Getting slim & trim

This is my very first post so forgive my shyness.

Yes I am overweight. Thanks to the internet I can now ‘hide’ behind my laptop in total animosity. You don’t even know what gender I am. Basically, you only know what I tell you. Today may be your lucky day.

I am who I say I am. Let’s do some fact checking.

Are you overweight? yes

Are you male or female? male

What is your real name? Paul (that’s all you get)

I was hunting the internet and found this neat product (knowing me, I like a bargain + I’m packing a few extra pounds) that not only comes at a bargain but by recent verdicts – IT WORKS!

Soon I will be out from hiding behind my laptop and reenter the world of opportunity & real people. I will be ready for them but the question is ‘ will they be ready for me ‘?

Enough of the suspense. This is IT.

I want to stay connected with you to give updates and share in your personal progress.

As I said earlier, I don’t even know if you can leave a comment here but this is my personal email:


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