Stop food Cravings!

One of the biggest problems facing overweight people today is food intake.

The body look at food much like we look at fuels like gasoline etc. If you overfill your car gas tank, the excess will spill over. Although the car needs fuel to run, having too much just do not work.

The excess fuel is just like what we call fat.

Unlike the car, we store ours. The old cliche that ‘ you are what you eat ‘ makes tons of sense.

Your food intake is converted to energy that runs the body. If you take in too much food, the body stores it as fat for later use or conversion to energy.

This can be seen in animals who hibernate. They use up stored fat while they sleep long hours.

Food cravings occur when the body lust for items (or quantities) that it does not need. These craving can be addressed by THIS.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to cut down on your food intake. This can help.

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